Regional Development Australia, Central Coast


Central Coast NSW

Regional Strategies & Plans

 The RDA on the Central Coast plays an important role in helping co-ordinate and encourage investment in the region. We help facilitate this by working with business, community groups and councils in helping shape and eventually support investment proposals. One of our keys tools is the publishing of sector plans and strategies. 

Our strategies and plans are used by private investors, government departments and agencies to help validate the viability and support for investment proposals. In this way our strategies and plans help accelerate investment in the region. 

Regional Plan 

The RDA each year renews a document called the 'Regional Plan' that represents the broad collective vision for the LGAs of Gosford and Wyong. This plan is used extensively by federal government departments to validate regional investment proposals. 

 It describes the region, it's attributes and challenges, suggests a vision to aspire to and lists objectives and actions under economic, environmental and social sections. The document underpins the business plan of the RDA. The plan is constantly being renewed. A copy of the current Regional Plan by contacting the RDA office directly. More information here.


One of the region's most important strategies is the Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES). 

This strategy is one of the region's key assets, used effectively to seek public and private investment in the area. Most regions in Australia do not have such a comprehensive strategic document that focuses on Economic Development and Employment outcomes. It was the result of exhaustive consultation and input by individuals, business, community groups and public agencies. The REDES has a clear follow up and reporting structure by the RDA, Department of Premiers & Cabinet, NSW Trade & Investment and both councils, something that gives it enduring importance. 

The REDES focuses on: Strengthening the regional economy - Developing future skills - Increasing knowledge and innovation- Infrastructure to support economic growth

Click here for a copy of the REDES 

Digital Economy Strategy

As part of the successful joint campaign to bring an early rollout of National Broadband Network to the Central Coast the RDA, Gosford & Wyong councils are developing a digital economy strategy. The Central Coast Digital Economy Strategy work has commenced with the formation of the CC Broadband Infrastructure Group (CC-BIG). Submissions to the group can be forwarded by contacting the RDA office directly.