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Focus on the Coast

Regional Development Australia - Central Coast NSW Inc (RDACC) has been established as a conduit between governments and the community. RDACC is facilitating Focus on the Coast forums to provide local residents with the opportunity to participate in a consultative process that identifies priorities, aligns resources and promotes solutions. These forums will enable the community to provide input to governments about issues and opportunities in our local area.

Focus on the Coast forums are held monthly at the RDACC offices, starting at 5.30pm.

March 2014

 High Speed Rail Information Session

Welcome by Phil Walker, intro by Tony Sansom, presentation by Gen Okajima and the Q&A (full version)

 Presentation - Gen Okajima 

July 2013

June 2013

Social Enterprise 

Shari Young - Wyong Shire Council

Adele Johns - Community Compass

Jamie Conroy - Response Art & Design

May 2013

Engage Central Coast - Partnerships to Grow the Central Coast 

Partnerships to Grow The Central Coast - Introduction

Engage Central Coast - Community Oral Health program

Engage Central Coast - Sports Science Program with the Central Coast Mariners

Engage Central Coast – Manufacturing

Engage Central Coast - Champions Program

Presentation Conclusion / Engage Central Coast website launch

April 2013

March 2013

Innovation & eHealth

Video - Graham Baker Enterprise Connect

Video - Mark Anderson Newcastle Innovation

Video - Andrew Davison Medicare Local NSW Central Coast

February 2013

Government Tenders & Grant Writing

Video - Arun Varma NSW Procurement

Video - Keith Whelan The Grants Guy

Video - Glenn Cannard Wyong Shire Council

Video - Sharon Moore Gosford City Council

November 2012

Building Better Boards 

Video - Andrew Roach Introduction

Video - Claire Braund  MC & Host

Video - Laurie Maher Coast Shelter

Video - Adele Johns Community Compass Inc 

Video - Margaret Haseltine RTC Communications 

Video - David Bacon Pacific Link Community Housing

Video - Q & A Panel 

September 2012

Central Coast's Teleworking Project

Presentation  - Barbara Lepani, Department of Broadband, Senior Policy & Telework Partner

Presentation - Nick Bowditch 

Video - Teleworking

Video - Nick Bowditch

Video - Kevin Bryan

Video - Telework Panel Discussion 

August 2012

Turbulence of Business 

Presentation - Caroline Veldhuizen, Central Coast Research Foundation

Presentation - Dr David Cunneen, University of Newcastle

Presentation - Jo Hanlon, Mind Your P's

Video - Caroline Veldhuizen (32.38mins)

Video - Jo Hanlon (18.19mins)

Video - Dr David Cunneen University of Newcastle

June 2012

Presentation - Graham Baker, Enterprise Connect

Presentation - Madalyn Ward, North Wyong Shire Youth Arts Service

Video - Elio Gatti (4.20mins)

Video - Elio Gatti Part 2 (15.08mins)

Video - Stuart Slough (10.51mins)

Video - Liz Carter (9.52mins)

Video - Sharon Aldrick (5.47mins)

Video - Graham Baker (7.25mins)

May 2012

360 Degrees of Innovation

Video - ?Becoming a 360degree Innovation Champion?

February 2012

Very Fast Train

Video - Richard Farmer (37.42mins)

Video - Todd Williams (10.40mins)

Video - Mr Tomokazu Minesaki (16.49mins)

October 2011

Central Coast Regional Plan

Presentation - Anthony Dow, RDA Central Coast

Presentation - Jacquie Fredericks-Smith, RDA Central Coast

Presentation - Dr Anton Kriz, University of Newcastle

Video - Anthony Dow (16.41mins)

Video - Jacquie Fredericks-Smith (7.28mins)

Video - Anton Kriz (20mins)

September 2011

Small Business September

Presentation - Wayne Gates, CC Business Enterprise Centre

Video - Wayne Gates (16.46mins)

Video - Derek Taylor (21.25mins)

August 2011

A Vision for Sport on the Central Coast

Presentation - Matthew Sawyer, Sport & Recreation NSW

Presentation - Craig Davis, NSW University in Sports and Development

Video - Matthew Sawyer (14.26mins)

Video - Craig Davis (33.47mins)

May 2011

Innovation in the Online Digital Environment


Presentation - Dave Abrahams, 'Digital Dave' ABC radio commentator

Presentation - Jason van Genderen, Treehouse Creative

Presentation - Cale Beltran,

Presentation - Roger Pryor, Department of Education & Training

Video - Dave Abrahams Presentation (14.51mins)

Video - Jason van Genderen Presentation (20.48mins)

Video - Cale Beltran Presentation (16.14mins)

Video - Roger Pryor Presentation (17.47mins)

April 2011

Marketing the Central Coast as a Business Location


Presentation - Anthony Dow, RDACC

Video - Anthony Dow Presentation (23.26mins)

Video - Edgar Adams Presentation (22.37mins)

Video - Chris King Presentation (11.12mins)

March 2011

Infrastructure Priorities for the Central Coast


Presentation - Anthony Dow, RDA Central Coast

Presentation - Bronwyn Rumbel, Wyong Shire Council

Presentation - Brett Phillips, CCRDC

Video - Infrastructure Presentations (44.17mins)

February 2011

Indigenous Employment


Presentation - Rae Dennis, Centrelink Area Hunter

Presentation - Mick Pittman, DPC

Presentation - Michael Combs, Career Trackers

Presentation - Ron Nader, Green Teams Alliance

November 2010

Education - Central Coast Learning Board


Presentation - Belinda McRobie, Wyong Shire Council

Presentation - Catharina Boer, University of Newcastle

October 2010

Health on the Central Coast


September 2010

Climate Change: The Business Impact


Questions & Answers

August 2010

Connecting the Coast (Broadband)


Presentation - James Vidler, Hunter Central Coast Broadband

Video - James Vidler Presentation (4:10mins)

Presentation - Duncan Bremner, NBNco

Video - Duncan Bremner Presentation (3:54mins)

Presentation - Anthony Fanning, Healthe

Video - Anthony Fanning Presentation (11:10mins)

Presentation - Dave Abrahams, ABC / Youth Connections

Video - Dave Abrahams Presentation (2:47mins)

June 2010

Arts & Culture

Gosford City Council Presentation - John Tilston & Colleen Worthy-Jennings

Wyong Shire Council Presentation - Stuart Slough

Fusion Arts Presentation - Nina Angelo

Gosford Business Improvement District - Mel Law

Questions & Answers